When Cadin and his family initially contacted me, they gave me fair warning that they had some big ideas. As someone that loves a challenge, they got my attention.

A drum set on the beach? I don't think that's illegal?

It took a lot of setup and heavy lifting from all of us, but we pulled his entire drum set down a half mile the beach next to the water.

Oceanfront skyline as a backdrop

Thankfully it didn't rain, and we got clear skies for sunset. The advantages of shooting during the off-season here in Virginia Beach are the empty beaches (with only a surfer or two in the background).
The second, and arguably more difficult challenge, was the paint. They had seen photos of drums being played with water splashing around, but they wanted to see if that same could be done with paint. I invited them to my backyard where I staged a backdrop with five different lights and flashes. I was "pretty sure" I could get the lighting right, but suffice it to say this was not a shot I had done before. After one test shot, I was thrilled with the results.
Thank you so much to Cadin and his family! We had some good laughs, got a bit of a workout, did some thorough cleaning, and took some photos that I love!
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