It's easy to forgive people if they don't immediately think of commercial photography when they hear Virginia Beach. However, it's an area of photography that I was immediately drawn to.

Epoxy tables are so cool

From airplanes, furniture, giant washing machines, or some headshots, I've had some unique opportunities. The washing machine folks were pretty fun people, actually!

That's a lot of laundry

Then, of course, there's the skiing.
I'm sure my background in the ski industry helped to make it a natural transition for me. If your plan is to make any sort of living as a skier, helping companies to sell their products is a necessity.

Alex Ferreira - just after his first X Games win

Alex, a couple years before he got famous (he still messages me back)

Whether it is taking photos or having your photo taken, commercial photography is everywhere in the ski industry.

Proof that I'm much more comfortable behind a camera

I'm excited for 2021 and all the new opportunities!
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