I love that commercial photography keeps me busy during the off-season. Even here in Virginia Beach, an area much more known for summer vacations, local businesses are ramping up their reopening from Covid and getting back to work. Businesses are boosting their presence online by adding to their websites and and other resources like Google Maps and Yelp. Luckily for me, having some nice photos really helps.
One of my favorite local businesses here is Hottrok. They are a Hampton Roads startup who specialize in heated floors. Because who doesn't love heated flooring? They're also just nice folks who are easy to work with. That always helps.
Sticking with the home improvement theme, are you doing any woodworking? Thinking about a new deck? Treated Lumber Outlet in Newport News is your spot.
With what seems endless amounts of options, they specialize in direct-to-consumer business. So if you're sick of Home Depot, or just want more options, check out what they have.
I don't know if it's actually from Cape Cod, but it's definitely called Cape Cod.
Lastly, in an attempt to keep the length of this post under control, did you know airplanes are red hot right now? Currently, they're selling faster than anyone can make them.
We're more known for the Wright Brothers in this area, who invented the airplane in 1903, rather than a place to buy an airplane. But I can tell you that is changing with the amount of frantic phone calls I received about getting an airplane shot ASAP.
It certainly helps that having the opportunity to shoot some rare, unique planes is very fun. 
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