Hampton Oceanfront does indeed front the ocean

Corporate events around Virginia Beach have absolutely grown in popularity in recent years. The VA Beach Convention Center, Steinhilber's, The Cavalier, and many others continue to be fantastic venues to get away from the traditional metro bustle.
Okay full disclosure, our main draw is the beach. It's aptly called Virginia Beach. But you can't exactly do a conference on the beach, so it's important to have the aforementioned venues to hold your attendees.
But hey, if you want your speakers to actually show up, having the beach so close by can be a real benefit. Also kids like the beach, and the ocean can keep even the most energetic ones occupied for hours.
If you want to draw attendees outside of the appeal of simply missing work, again, the beach can work wonders.
If you find yourself needing a photographer that will make it look like people had fun, I can help with that. Try my messaging form or my email works pretty well too: andrewewoods@gmail.com
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