I'm embarrassed to say that this was my first ever surf contest.  Skiing and surfing have very similar lifestyles and vibes, and many skiers use surfing as their main summer activity.  I have never been one of those people obviously, but just as a spectator sport, surfing is amazing.  (And considerably warmer than ski contests.)  I highly recommend checking it out!
The first couple days, the weather was clear and gorgeous, but that didn't make much for waves...
As a storm rolled in off the coast, waves came along with it and made conditions quite a bit better.  The blue skies were not longer to be seen, but it was worth it!  We saw some crazy impressive talent, and I wish I was able to keep up with names of athletes, but I came away with a lot of photos of surfers and I have no idea who they are.  But I love the photos!
I even got to see an old friend (who has creative style choices...).
I'm very stoked for next year!
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