Classic pier shot

With the official start of summer, comes the unofficial start of engagement season here in Virginia Beach. With our 38 miles of beaches, there's bound to be someone getting engaged somewhere.

Cavalier Beach Club really is on the Beach

But to me, a very underrated part of Virginia Beach and greater Hampton Roads, is our parks.

Sunset in Oak Grove Lake Park

We have over 7,000 acres of parks in VA Beach alone. First Landing and Mount Trashmore are undoubtedly the most common, but Stumpy Lake, Pleasure House Point, and even little Beach Garden Park are some of my favorites.
These surprise engagement shoots are always a blast for a photographer too. Some of my favorite photos have come from these sessions. They take a little more planning and I need to sneak around a little before the big moment, but they are so worth it.
Thanks to all the couples who let me tag along for these big moments! I'm excited for more this summer!
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