It's the time of year here in Virginia Beach and Norfolk (and everywhere honestly) that kids are getting senior portrait photos taken. To celebrate the occasion, I wanted to talk about how I shoot portraits, and what the difference is between portraits, headshots, and other photos that people get done.
Are you looking to have portraits done? Send me a message for rates and scheduling!
Headshots are typically composed in a straightforward way, with the subject centered in the frame and well-lit. Portraits, on the other hand, should be composed in a more creative way.
The subject can be looking off-camera, with an expression ranging from serious to hilarious. The purpose is to show a more intimate element of a person's personality, rather than the professional, "please hire me" vibe.
It also allows photographers to get more creative with different lighting, focal lengths, and apertures. A universal truth about portrait photographers is that we have A LOT of gear and we like to find an excuse to use it.
One of my favorite things is when a client starts the conversation with, "Okay so I have this crazy idea." Or, "I don't want my photos to look like anyone else's." And these days everyone has a camera attached to their phone, so you really should be hiring a photographer to take photos you can't get elsewhere.
If you're looking to have some portraits taken, send me a message to get the conversation started. And don't be afraid to let me know if you've got any crazy ideas!
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