Mountain town

I was lucky to visit Saas Fee several times while I was coaching the US Halfpipe Ski Team.  It was always one of my favorite trips due to the excellent early season spring conditions, but the views around that area were also unbelievable!

When 12,000 feet isn't high enough

Birk Irving doing something I (seldom) approve of

Some of my favorite photos that I've ever taken were in Saas Fee.  I admit that I am cheating a bit in this post, because I'm including content from a couple different trips.  Sue me.

Legendary mountain: Matterhorn

If you were looking for a text-heavy blog post, you won't find it here.  I've gotten such a huge amount of rad photos, I'm assuming people would rather look at those.
The Mittelallalin glacier is very tourist-friendly.  I'm talking about people that don't even have skis on their feet too.  On a sunny day, I'd HIGHLY recommend riding the chairlifts/train up there.  They have single ride tickets for sale just for that purpose.  Make the trip up there and you will not be disappointed.
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