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We are people who like to travel. Considering that, the Covid pandemic has had a rather large affect on how we like to spend our free time. We have been forced to shift our mindset from, "where can we go that sounds the most fun?" to "where can we go that minimizes our risk." 

Kinda-secret garden

So our playbook came down to asking ourselves these questions:
1. Can we roadtrip there?
2. Will it be an over-crowded "touristy" experience? 
3. Does it have fun stuff to do and see outside?

I didn't wanna Photoshop out the people

Savannah easily made a good fit for us. It has loads of charm and plenty of room to walk and explore.

Brick on brick around here

We spent the majority of our time around their historic district. Since we're currently in the process of deciding how we want the front of our home to look, copying the residents of Savannah seemed like a solid place to start.
Bonaventure Cemetery is a very common place to visit in Savannah. While the premise of going to a cemetery for a lovely Saturday activity feels awfully unorthodox, it's easy to see why it's so popular.
It's unique, solemn quality is unlike anywhere else. But you also get some insight into the history of Savannah. 
Not all the residents are famous, but they each have stories that are interesting to read about. And taking care of the sites is clearly a high priority.
That's the short version of our trip to Savannah, and my first attempt at a travel blog. I hope to add a few more locations throughout the summer. We are nearly fully vaccinated, so maybe a airplane is even in our near future? We can only hope!
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